Have you felt several of the following symptoms?
Appetite disorders.
Swollen eyes.
Anxiety and nervousness.
Spirits on the tip of the nose, in the eyes or in the anal area.
Dilated pupils.
Intestinal disorders
Insomnia without apparent reasons.

What we recommend in the first place is going to check with your doctor because maybe you need Amalgam Removal in Tijuana since mercury can be affecting your body, but if you have given an appointment for the next month, we propose two excellent natural remedies to combat the symptoms in what you go with your doctor. All these ingredients have been used since antiquity, before the laboratories existed and therefore have proven their effectiveness

Garlic is a medicinal food that works like a natural antibiotic and helps us prevent many diseases. In the case of parasites, it is also very effective. The only problem he has is his smell and that there are people who do not digest it well.

In what way do we take it?

The most effective and economic is to take it raw fasting.
For those who do not tolerate it well, capsules with garlic oil are also sold in dietetics and herbalists.
Another option is to make the Tibetan garlic cure, a millenary technique in which we prepare this extract at home and we will gradually take it to get used to our body.
In addition, we will get used to putting garlic on our meals so that our body gets used to digest it.
Pets can also be given a clove of raw garlic hidden in a bit of food, as a natural antiparasitic.

Pumpkin seeds are one of the most potent foods we have to prevent and eliminate parasites.

How do we take them?

We have to take them raw, without toasting, and preferably on an empty stomach.
We can also prepare a vegetable drink similar to horchata by crushing 50 g of pumpkin seeds along with 250cc of water. We can sweeten the drink with a little stevia.
Finally we can grind them and add them as a condiment to all our meals.
pumpkin seeds Food Thinkers

Other tips
We will avoid all those foods that we have said were harmful, and we will do it strictly, at least for a month.
We can take a supplement to restore our intestinal flora.
We must treat our bowel disorders naturally to evacuate normally and daily.
If we have suffered a prolonged constipation, it can be very beneficial to perform some colon hydrotherapy in a specialized health center.
We can daily massage the belly with oregano essential oil diluted in a little vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, almond, etc.).
We will be very careful with the intimate hygiene to avoid the continuous contagion.