This may be a topic that nobody wants to talk to other people, but contrary to what many believe, parasites are a normal and very common problem, almost like the cold, all people have had or have parasites, although some are good as lactobacilli others are more a hindrance and even cause many discomforts.

Sometimes it is difficult to realize that one suffers intestinal parasites, because although they are much more frequent than we think, their symptoms can easily be confused with other common discomforts but If you have recently felt anxiety, bad digestion, itching, tiredness, headaches and you know that your diet is not balanced, you may have intestinal parasites, a very common health problem that is not easily detected, but may worsen notably our quality of life.

What we recommend in the first place is going to check with your doctor just like when a tooth hurts and you go running with your dentist in Mexico. You will only need patience and change some habits and you will notice a great general improvement.

And why do they appear?
The main reason for the appearance of the parasites is a continued poor diet, in which the following foods predominate:
Refined flour.
Alcoholic drinks.
Dairy products (creams, creams, ice cream, etc.).
So if possible, get rid of these foods from your diet as soon as possible, not only do they have parasites, but it is proven that they damage other parts of your body causing you, diabetes, cholesterol, among many other diseases.

The risk of suffering them is greater when we suffer intestinal disorders such as constipation or diarrhea. In the case of constipation, the accumulation of waste causes that fermentation or putrefaction favors its appearance, and in the case of diarrhea, the permanent damage suffered by the intestinal flora is also a field to proliferate, due to the lack of natural defenses .

Finally, if we also have pets at home, we must deworm them every month, since with direct contact it is easy for us to get through the parasites that they often suffer from.