Why Should You Brush and Floss?
Food particles get stuck in our teeth every day. A cup of coffee or tea discolors the teeth and smoking is generally bad for the teeth and gums. Something as simple as a toothbrush is a great way to get rid of the staining and keep the teeth white and clean. However, a toothbrush cannot reach some of those tiny particles which get lodged between the teeth. Dental-floss is a teeth cleaning technique used to get rid of all these small particles. Otherwise, the food starts to rot in the mouth and you will be left with bad breath, unhealthy gums and rotting teeth.
Brushing of teeth plays a major role in preventing tooth decay and cavities. You have to mind your brushing habits. You should brush your teeth regularly after each and every meal preferably about half an hour after meal. In case you absolutely can’t brush on occasion, chewing a sugarless gum (referably containing xylitol is also recommendable.

As per the Tijuana dentist, it is always recommended that one carries out dental-flossing after each and every meal just like in teeth-brushing routine. You should always do Dental-Flossing at least once a day. This will obviously be felt counter-intuitive at first. This is since there are high chances that on hearing about dental-flossing for the first time, you will definitely be drawn to imagine that it is among those things that you only need to undertake once in a while.
The importance of regular dental flossing becomes vivid to you the moment you come to learn about what the process is all about and why it’s actually performed. Dental-flossing helps to remove all the food remains as well as plaque that normal brushing of teeth process can’t get rid of.
Plackers Dental Floss provides the convenience of a disposable toothpick and floss to help you manage your floss routine. You can also use Aloe Dent Dental-Floss.