You go to talk to someone and as soon as you open your mouth an unpleasant stench emanates and you find it uncomfortable to continue with the conversation. Worse still, you never go near to whisper something and tend to cover your mouth when you are near someone because you notice that your mouth gives off a smell that does not disappear even with mint gum. Your partner or you suffer from halitosis, a problem that approximately 50% of people suffer at some point in their life.

Most cases of halitosis originate in the mouth, contrary to popular belief that it is due to stomach problems. In addition, one of its main causes is the lack of oral hygiene. The bacteria present in our mouth decompose the organic waste creating sulfuric gases that cause bad breath. When bacteria increase, so does the production of gases. If it is already something very everyday for you you can go to a dentist in Tijuana Dental Studio and give you a faster solution.

Among the most common causes of halitosis are:

– Bacterial tartar and food debris on the tongue
– Scarce salivation
– Bacterial infections of the throat, nose and pharynx area
– Periodontal disease or also commonly called pyorrhea
– Respiratory or digestive disorders.

Those who suffer from it, usually try to mask the smell with gum or sprays that are only a temporary solution to the problem. Therefore, we present a true plan of action to combat it is as follows:

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with an antibacterial toothpaste and also use dental floss to properly remove bacteria that accumulate in the gums and interdental spaces.
Use a flat tongue scraper every day to eliminate as many bacteria as possible. You will also get to keep a fresh breath for more hours.
Keeping the mouth well hydrated is essential, because bad breath is related to dry mouth. It is important to drink water frequently or take citrus fruits, which help to increase your secretion.
If you use a dental prosthesis, clean it thoroughly with bio active oxygen tablets. They eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria that cause odor and reduce the formation of plaque.
Avoid excessive consumption of foods such as onions, garlic or spices. Also coffee, carbonated soft drinks and alcohol. Foods such as apple, carrot, pear, watermelon, kiwi and celery are recommended.
Aromatic herbs are also allied against bad breath. Parsley, eucalyptus, rosemary, basil or mint help counteract the effect of foods with lots of garlic or onions.
Include yogurt and cheddar cheese in your diet. The first helps to reduce the amount of sulfur in the mouth and the second fights the acids in the meals and balances the pH.
Say goodbye to tobacco. It is a breeding ground for halitosis because it reduces the flow of saliva, producing dry mouth.