Maybe you are one of those who loves meat or eat a piece of good ham with a wine after your visit with your dentist in Mexico but your nutritionist told you that you had to leave all that, well a study done by the Endothelium and Cardiometabolic Medicine Unit of the Ramón y Cajal hospital from Madrid that shows that the consumption of Iberian ham improves vascular health in healthy people and this study has already been published in scientific journals.

This research, led by the professor of Medicine at the University of Alcalá de Henares and responsible for the Endothelium Unit, Dr. José Sabán, has confirmed its rigor on the effect of Iberian ham on endothelial function when published in the edition of paper in this magazine.

But now let’s go to the explanation of this discovery, it turns out that the endothelium is the layer of cells that lines the inside of blood vessels and its status is directly related to the degree of health of the arteries. The study was conducted on a sample of one hundred people between 25 and 55 years old, without cardiometabolic diseases.

During six weeks, a group of the sample followed a diet enriched with Iberian ham, in an amount of 50 grams a day, while the second group, control, did not make this intake.

The improvements in the endothelium were evident both from the biochemical and haemodynamic points of view, the research points out.

In addition, the study shows that the positive effects of ham consumption remained for another six weeks after suspending food intake; This “endothelial memory” functions as a prolonged benefit after the end of the investigation, it is added.

The study also indicates that Iberian ham can be introduced into the diet without gaining weight or increasing triglyceride levels, at least in the short term.

Dr. Sabán highlights the potential that this work has in the cardiometabolic field and points out that it could benefit smokers, diabetics, hypertensives, people with high cholesterol, heart patients or subjects who have suffered a stroke, as well as influencing aging itself, according to research carried out at the University of Baltimore (USA). Living more and better goes through the care of the endothelium, emphasizes this researcher.

The doctor adds: With the importance of the endothelium not only in cardiovascular disease, but in aging itself, if these results of Iberian ham had obtained the Americans with the hamburger, the Italians with pizza or the Germans with the sausages , the repercussion would have been enormous.