In a house you should never miss a first-aid kit, we do not know when someone can be injured and we have to give first aid, but what about the inconveniences that are not so serious, well you should know that Mexico has a rich variety of medicinal plants and many of they are traditionally used as home remedies. Such is the amount of species of medicinal plants in Mexico that only in the state of Veracruz were collected about 500, the total of medicinal plants in Mexico amounts to almost 10,000 different species. Here we present some plants for medicinal use that can help you to relieve minor discomforts like the pain you feel when you have a dental implant in Tijuana or you have a discomfort in your stomach, but remember that if they are major discomforts go directly to your doctor .

White sapote: Also known as Mexican pear, it gives a rounded yellowish or greenish fruit with a peach-like flavor. The leaves and bark of the white Zapote, but especially the seeds contain glycosides, a substance with hypnotic and sedative effects that is used to combat insomnia and rheumatic pains.

Chamomile or Camomilla: Tea infusion serves to wash the eyes when there is infection, disinfectant, antiseptic, discolors hair if used as a rinse.

Yerba buena: infusion of tea, removes upset stomach.

Rue: a twig in the ear removes the air and pain, in infusion of alcohol deflates.

Orange blossom: infusion of tranquilizing tea, used to sleep.

Passionflower: infusion of tea, to calm the nerves, causes sleep.

Orange, mandarin and lemon leaves, as an infusion of tea serves as vitamin “C” are also digestive teas.

Anise: digestive tea.

Oregano: infusion of tea, serves for the cold, also as a condiment in salads, calm menstrual colics.

Jamaica: tea infusion relieves stomach ulcer, is diuretic, concentrated for fresh water.

Horsetail: used for the skin, infusion of tea or applied directly to the skin.

Boldo: infusion of tea, removes cough, cleans internal organs, stomach, liver, pancreas.

Mint: to remove bad breath, chewed.

Chaya: regulates sugar in diabetics, small doses in tea infusion.

Cinnamon: infusion of tea, for the cold, also as a flavoring of desserts, calm menstrual colics.