It is not news that emergencies and hospital admissions increase at Christmas because sometimes adults are very busy in fixing the house, cooking or serving guests that children run from top to bottom causing accidents such as fractures, burns or broke themselves a tooth and need a good dentist in Tijuana, but not only children go to the hospital, adults also but mostly due to hypertensive crisis, decompensated diabetes, attacks of gout and various digestive pathologies related to food excesses. In addition, some neurological diseases, such as epilepsy, are dangerously influenced by alcohol intake or lack of sleep.

Almost as abundant as culinary recipes and offers of excess food and alcohol, are the “recipes” so that such excesses do not produce the predictable metabolic ravages. Many of these recipes lack scientific basis and, in many cases, tend to complicate or even aggravate the situation. For this reason, it is always preferable to use the recommendations of the experts, based on the most rigorous scientific research. In this sense, the aforementioned SEEN, together with the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) have proposed a kind of decalogue containing healthy advice and guidelines for these dates, although it could be generalized for the rest of the year:

Do not change your habitual eating and exercise habits. You should not skip any shot and keep a regularity in them. Reserve the “excesses” for the most indicated dates.
Move on! With thirty minutes more of daily physical exercise we can compensate the extra calories of the Christmas meals.
Control the alcohol you drink as it provides empty calories.
Plan the menu. If the main course is very fatty, light starters should be prepared.
Do not stop taking fruit. You can prepare trays with tropical fruits or starters as salads or fruit skewers for dessert and / or table tops.
Substitute industrial sauces for homemade sauces based on vegetables, aromatic herbs, lemon juice, skimmed yogurt and vinaigrettes.
Make homemade desserts by reducing the sugar and fat content.
If you want to eat everything that is on the table, serve on a small plate quantities of everything selected and do not repeat.