The busiest border in the world is characterized by several issues, but when it comes to medical services is the main references in Latin America for patients from the United States and Canada.

Official statistics put Mexico City as the place where plastic surgeries are performed in the country and surgeries for Weightloss Surgery in Mexico, followed by Guadalajara and Tijuana, the peculiarity of the latter is the type of patient generally Mexican-American, American and Canadian. that make it a reference city of Latin America.

This type of medical service strengthens the local economy every year with an economic outflow of millions of dollars, positions hospitals, doctors and increases the popularity not only of the city but of the country, said the active member of the College of Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetics and Reconstructives of Baja California (Ccperbc).

Plastic surgery is a recognized practice in Tijuana for the quality of it and the professional training of plastic surgeons certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, affiliated with the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and schools local.

They are organized societies that promote among their partners the ethics, commitment, scientific, moral and artistic quality, with levels of certification equivalent to their counterparts in developed countries.

It is a type of art that can not be bought, we learn to use technology in our favor and that of the patient, but by operating it is our mind, hands and training that allows us to provide the expected results and take care of the patient, continuing education is an indispensable habit and is what differentiates us from the fan of plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine, he stressed.

There are two types of surgeries, the private one that is of aesthetic type in search of looking good and young, but the one that feeds the most is the reconstructive one able to modify the congenital deformity or by accident of a patient, it is the one that fills the professional space and it shows us the nobility of this modern sub specialization, added the certified plastic surgeon.